Antenna Foundation

Sustainable solutions thanks to an innovative economic model

Antenna is Swiss Foundation committed to the scientific research and dissemination of technological, health and economic solutions for the most disadvantaged. 

Antenna now has over 60 projects in over 20 countries. In collaboration with an international network of scientists, Antenna undertakes and participates in research projects in the fields of nutrition, safe water, agriculture, energy, medicine and microcredit. 

1. R&D

We constantly seek out new ideas.

Scientific research

In order to meet the essential needs of marginalised groups in developing countries, the Antenna Foundation develops technological solutions and carries out scientific and medical research in collaboration with universities, non-profit organisations and the private sector.

For those at the base of the pyramid

Our solutions respond to the needs of users living at the base of the pyramid and are designed and adapted in the light of contributions from our partners in the field.

2. Field tests

We work with researchers and academic and economic experts to optimise our solutions before and during field tests.


Our products are developed in response to the local context. The technologies which we transfer are tested locally, adapted to the needs of the consumer and designed to be intuitive and affordable. We focus on basic public health needs, such as agriculture, nutrition, water and lighting.

Health solutions

We study and support traditional and locally produced medicines. We consult medical experts and users in order to guarantee that our solutions are scientifically valid and economically viable.

Commercials models

When our technologies are capable of large-scale application, we use them in revenue-creating activities. We test commercial models and support social entrepreneurs. Our microcredit scheme enables increased numbers of companies and households to benefit from our technologies.

3. Dissemination

To disseminate our solutions, we construct a diverse and resistant ecosystem.

Social enterprises and microfinance

Antenna offers microfinance and microcredit services, facilitates technology transfer and encourages the creation of new social enterprises as well as the expansion of existing ones. These social enterprises create jobs, improve access to products and increase the income of the community.

Partnerships and network

Constructive collaborations and partnerships are fundamental throughout our development cycle. We work with CSR departments and foundations established by companies so that we can grow more rapidly and make our products more affordable and accessible to low-income communities. Antenna also works with international organisations and local NGOs to increase our networks, resources and results. Government bodies are essential partners for awareness-raising and distribution campaigns conducted through public institutions (schools, hospitals, etc.).

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  • 2018/12/14