Produce your chlorine locally

With only salt and water, WATA technology produces locally and at low cost, active chlorine solution that can be used to treat drinking water or disinfect any objects or surfaces.

Our range of products includes 5 devices with different production capacities from 0,5L of chlorine produced in 3h to 60L produced in 4h30. To get more details on each device, just click here.

Check your chlorine and drinking water

To help you check the concentration of the chlorine produced and the quality of the treated drinking water, we have developed two control reagents, WataTest™ and WataBlue™.

The active chlorine concentration of a solution determines how it can be used (treatment of drinking water, disinfection of surfaces, disinfection of vegetables, etc.). The WataTest™ reagent is a way to find out the active chlorine concentration of any chlorinated solution (NaOCl, HTH, NaDCC, bleach).

In order to avoid drinking water becoming recontaminated, it must contain residual chlorine content. The WataBlue™ reagent is used to check residual chlorine levels in accordance with WHO recommendations.

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  • 2018/12/14