Internal Reorganisation Announcement

In order to support the growth of our business, we are pleased to announce the strengthening and reorganisation of our human resources in 2022.

Marc-Antoine Menneguerre
is now the general manager of Watalux
and will combine this function with the responsibility for Administration and Finance.

CBO – Projects Managers
In order to strengthen our commercial strategy, Mami Daba Fam Thior and Jérôme Voillat will jointly manage the Sales & Projects Department. This new organisation will allow a personalised follow-up of each client from the qualification of their needs to the monitoring and evaluation of their project.

Hachem Znaidi, MSc EPFL engineer with a degree in chemistry and biotechnology has joined our team to ensure the development of our new water and hygiene solutions.

The other positions (Operations and Communication) remain unchanged.

WATA team


January 2022: Looking back on 2021. Key figures on the main projects for 2021: Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Madagascar and Benin.

01/2022 : WATA highlights in 2021

July 2021: WATALUX has been hailed as one of the “Best for the World ™ 2021” companies.

07/2021: WATA part of the “Best for the World”

January 2021: Retrospective of 2020. By improving the autonomy of rural health centers with the possibility of producing disinfectant on site, WATA contributes to the fight against COVID-19.

01/2021: Looking back on 2020, what a year!



Watch the 5′ presentation of WATA by Marc-Antoine Menneguerre, new CEO of Watalux SA

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Interview of Manon Renfer, Communication Director on WATA to Léna Ailloud for Radio Cité Geneva.

Listen to podcast (French)


COVID-19: the strategic role of active chlorine.
Article in the SDC’s “One World” newspaper

Read the article


Interview on the project against COVID-19 in Burkina Faso during the delivery of the SDC equipment to the Ministry of Health

Listen to the interview


The village communities of Sabtenga[Burkina Faso] now have the possibility of producing chlorine to make their drinking water more drinkable.

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The WATA technology has received the endorsement of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions based on the assessment of independent experts.


As a partner in the ‘Safe Water Phase 2’ program, IRC spoke to Fanny Boulloud about business viability at a stakeholder workshop in Nepal in the fall of 2017.

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Science to help the most disadvantaged. Interview with Pierre-Gilles Duvernay, Water and Hygiene technical advisor for the RTS CQFD program.

Listen to the interview


Article: “A Geneva solution to make water for the poorest people drinking water” in the SIG magazine “Vive la vie” in autumn 2016

Read the article


“A pinch of salt for four liters of water per day” Tribune de Genève, June 2016 (Impact Journalism Day).

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Scientific publications


“Novel water treatment system in a low-resource community”, 2022, Nogueira et al.



Poster presentation of the outcomes of equipping 19 rural supply water networks with 31 WATA electrochlorinators to ensure that the water distributed to the community is safe to drink.


An audio was recorded for 2021 UNC Water & Health Conference from The Water Institute.

To the audio presentation


“Assessment of low-cost, non-electrically powered chlorination devices for gravity-driven membrane water kiosks in eastern Uganda”, 2021, Dössegger et al.



“Microbiological Control of Medical Devices, Operating Room Surfaces and Delivery Rooms before and after Disinfection with Locally Produced Chlorine in Two Malian University Hospitals”, 2020, Traoré AT et al.



“Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19” Interim guidance, World Health Organization.



“Preventing nosocomial infections in resource-limited
settings: An interventional approach in healthcare
facilities in Burkina Faso”, 2020, Duvernay et al.



Treatment and good conservation of water at home thanks to “Chlore’C”. Case study of a social enterprise in Guinea Conakry

Read the publication

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