Based in Geneva, WATALUX SA grew out of the Antenna Foundation, which is recognized as being an organization of public benefit.

Our mission

To produce and disseminate innovative technologies to reduce extreme poverty and improve the health of the most vulnerable communities.

Our values

Professionalism: We produce and market high-quality products designed in Switzerland, which are continually checked and monitored throughout their manufacturing process.

Transparency: We are honest with our customers, partners and employees, by making our information accessible and passing on our knowledge.

Ethics: Beyond our mission, we always seek to maximize our social impact at every stage of our business.

Certifications and accolades

WATALUX is partway through the ‘B-Corp’ certification process, which evaluates the social and environmental performance of companies according to the rigorous criteria of the non-profit organization B-Lab. The B-Corp label is for business what Fairtrade certification is for coffee and the ‘organic’ label for vegetables. Today there are more than 2,000 companies in 50 countries working to redefine what business success is all about. Learn more about the B-Corp label.

WATALUX participates in the Best for Geneva programme, which brings together all Geneva companies wishing to promote their jobs, strengthen the community and preserve a healthy environment.
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In 2017, WATALUX won the Swiss Bluetec Bridge, which brought funding and support throughout its development phase. Beyond the support provided, this recognition by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) once again proves the enormous potential of WATA™ technology.

WATA™ technology obtained the endorsement of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions based on an assessment by independent experts. 
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The team

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